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Coastal Pillowcases Tutorial

There is truly nothing simpler to sew then a pillowcase. This would make a GREAT beginner project. Just because it's easy, though, doesn't mean that  a girl couldn't use instructions! So here we go!

Material needed:
1 yard fabric ($8/ fancy yard**- you could do better by shopping sales)
Bias tape- don't NEED but we'll discuss below/ or scrap fabric
Total cost: Roughly 10 dollars/pillowcase

**Please note. These pillowcases were made for a present. So I had them custom-made through Spoonflower. I found jpeg's of where my parents had lived, and where they were moving too- uploaded the images and got custom fabric made. So my price was higher. To those willing to shell out the bucks, you can make some truly wonderful pillows with truly special fabric (at @$25/yard, so don't say I didn't warn you).

So first, WASH your fabric so it shrinks to its final size, then IRON it before you start. Just trust me and don't skip this step, or you'll regret it.