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Disney World Planning Part 3- Bringing it All Together

Touring Plans
There is an amazing website called For 12.99 (subscription), you get a years planning.
Whats cool about it? A couple of things:

1. You can create a plan and "time out" the day. It will show you walking distances between rides, average wait time based off of historical wait times for that specific day, and make suggestions based on that same math on which rides you should fast pass. You can also schedule in meals and "rest time."  They will then recommend an order based off of walking/wait times, etc., that makes the best use of time and limits standing in line.

2. As a part of the above, they also have pre-programmed "small children," plans, that you can edit with your own preferences. Soooo cool. Enter your FastPass info and dining plans, and it will work around what you have done up to now.

3. Just discovered today that you can also put in your hotel reservations, and they will show you all the rooms in that ca…

Disney World Trip Crafts

Ok- These are easy ones... I'm just going to post the links, and how my versions turned out:

Mine looked like:
 Mine looked like:

Disney Planning Part 2- Days 61-60

Why 61 days?
Because at midnight, 60 days, out, you can log on to the MyDisneyExperience App and reserve your Fastpass selections. You get 3.

I had things I wanted, but really, the only reason to log on 60 days out is if you wanted to see Anna and Elsa. And I KNOW my soon-to-be 4 year old would. And I want to spoil her. So there you have it.

There are a lot of good blogs out there with fast pass help. For me, I used these:

Best general Fastpass advice is OF COURSE from the WDW Prep School.

For the hard ones I wanted to get, and save my time at the witching hour, I checked out DIBs Fastpass Calculator, so that I didn't waste time on days they were already booked up.

My Strategy:
1. Book all my fastpasses in the morning, because we would be taking a mid-day break each day. (Sleep or not, naptime/quiet time is just going to happen so we all stay happy)
This also allows for us to book 1 afternoon fast pass at a time, but if we change parks, we aren't held to a fast pass time.  I o…

Disney Itinerary Cards

This isn't so much a how to, rather than sharing an idea.
I have the Touring Plans app on my phone, as well as MyDisneyExperience app. But being an over-planner AND having had a dead phone several times at Disney World, I decided to make quick touring cards that we could stick in our pockets for quick reference.
First I printed out each days itinerarys on stock paper. To make them, I just chose a large label template in word (3 inches by 4 inches, which is smaller once cut out).
 Then I just cut them, added a red (Disney Red!) card stock behind them. Itinerary on front, tips on the back. And, of course, I used my laminator (if you don't have them, you can ignore this, but I love my machine, so why not?)

 Now, we just grab the card we need for the day, and head out!

Customize a Canvas Bag

Difficulty Level: Easy

Bag (mine was $24)
Stencils (around $3)
Fabric Markers (I bought expensive ones to use again- $8, but you could cheap out)
Total: $35, but could do for much less

As part of our Disney World vacation planning, we needed a park bag that would hold our water bottles, not be made of vinyl (humidity causes stickyness...yech), and be something both my husband and I would like to carry.

I settled on a canvas bag, as they are cheap, and the one I found was just the perfect size.

But a plain canvas bag is so.... plain. Thats no fun! So after much reserch, I bought some fabric markers. Sharpies might work, but will eventually fade, and may not "pop", which could be a shame on a canvas.... [pun intended]. Using fabric markers mean it is much more likely to hold up to rain and sun.

First we chose a phrase. I lined up the stencils and "painted" directly onto the bag:

Then, my hubby (the artist), sketched directly onto the canvas bag, using blac…

How I planned my Disney Vacation, Part 1- Planning to 61days out

Dear friends,

So my obsessive planning has gotten to the point that I thought I would share my knowledge/resources so far. This is Part 1 of 2 for Planning 61 days out........

Part 1: Choosing a Resort
Bottom Line? Can't help you. We fell by our reservations on accident. I was about to book our trip to Massanutten (in VA) for May, when our timeshare showed us that Disney was open. Booked it and voila! $250 later, I have a week at WDW at Saratoga Springs. Super cheap, and unless you have a timeshare, I have zero advice on how to do this. Let's move on.

Part 2: Figuring out When/Where to spend our week

We have a 3 year old, who will be 4 the week of the trip. So. We knew we needed a day off in the middle of the week. As we are flying in/out, that leaves 6 days to Plan.

Decision 1: This trip is focused on our daughter. In order for all of us to have fun, her needs must be remembered, and we need to not over-plan the day. We will need breaks and rest times.
Decision 2: Take a day o…