Disney World Planning Part 3- Bringing it All Together

Touring Plans
There is an amazing website called touringplans.com. For 12.99 (subscription), you get a years planning.
Whats cool about it? A couple of things:

1. You can create a plan and "time out" the day. It will show you walking distances between rides, average wait time based off of historical wait times for that specific day, and make suggestions based on that same math on which rides you should fast pass. You can also schedule in meals and "rest time."  They will then recommend an order based off of walking/wait times, etc., that makes the best use of time and limits standing in line.

2. As a part of the above, they also have pre-programmed "small children," plans, that you can edit with your own preferences. Soooo cool. Enter your FastPass info and dining plans, and it will work around what you have done up to now.

3. Just discovered today that you can also put in your hotel reservations, and they will show you all the rooms in that category in your hotel. You can then put in your preferences for rooms, and they will show you the specific room you may want. You select the room, and THEY WILL FAX IN A ROOM request FOR YOU. (Get out of town).

Bit of advice- Don't over-plan. Laughable, I know, But I have planned that we hit everything- in our mornings, not planning our evenings, so we can have a little of both worlds. Just something to think about. 

Random Pre-Shopping

Prepping for A Disney Trip At the Dollar Tree

Tinkerbell gifts:
Play Tinkerbell each night of your trip! I love this idea, as I think it will save us from buying things in the park... I bought a few things on Etsy. Then I wrapped everything up in festive tissue paper, for a bit of fairy dust each night. A few of my finds:

Magic Bands:
Fantasy Bands- bling it out! Unleash your innerchild. For $5 a pop, seems reasonable to me, and they are very cute!
Bit Belts- When I went to WDW on my own (I know), this was a problem. My band kept getting caught on things. This is just a cheap, simple solution.


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