Lanyard Tutorial

So after all my sewing adventures, I have quite a bit of scrap material. What better use than to make into lanyards for work!

Materials needed:

Long bits of scrap material
swivel hooks

Cost: 1.40 per hook, scrap material= $1.40!!!!
Time: 20 Minutes

Getting started

Cut strips to the following dimensions
(1 strip = 1 lanyard) = 2" X 40"

You can alter the length before you sew together if you so desire!  If you'd like wider lanyards than I made, you could always go 3" X 40".

Next, you get to iron!!!
Left- unironed, right, ironed in half

Fold your strip in half and iron.
When you've ironed in half, the unfurl your strip a little bit and iron one side into the center fold...
Left- ironing into the fold, right- ironed only in half
 Then do the other side!
Ironing strips into fold
 NOW you fold along the fold again, and Iron again!

Now you'll basically have a strip of fabric with no raw edges about a quarter of the original side!

Sew a 1/4” seam allowance along the open side of the lanyard, so that it seals as one strip.

Attach the swivel hook. Pin the two ends together (making a necklace), make sure the
lanyard is not twisted. Sew across the ends several times.

I took this pic too late- but make sure you put the swivel hook on BEFORE you sew the necklace shut (duh)
Pin the two sides together- you'll know its not twisted if seams match up

After sewing the end together, cut excess fabric as close as you can to your stitching.

THEN turn the lanyard inside-out, so that the seam is on the inside

Pull the fabric over the swivel hook, so that it sits right on top of the seam. Then, sew as CLOSE AS YOU CAN to the top of the swivel hook, to keep it in place.

Note: I tried to take a picture of this, but it never looked instructional. But I know you can do it! (you can see this last stitch on all my lanyards below!

Tada! You are done! Go ahead and make a lot more and give as gifts!


  1. Where did you purchase your swivel hooks for the lanyards? You can email me at

  2. Any craft store or fabric store would have them.

  3. You can buy them on Amazon too


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