How to make your own iPhone Cover

So, its ridiculous how much iPhone covers cost- I can't handle it. I've seen a few tutorials out there, but I thought I'd combine a few and make my own.

What you need:
Clear iPhone cases (I bought mine on Etsy for $5 each at iHeartZena)
Cardstock or something like it (like a photo- or... a comic book!)
Exacto knife

My cost broke down to 20 pieces of cardstock (which could ultimately make 8 each) for $7. That makes .35 cents a piece of stock, or .17 cents per backing if I were thrifty. Anyway, I spent a total of $22 to make 3 bases with as many interchanges as I want, and that's pretty awesome.

First, I found a cool template I could just print out here.
BEFORE you start, make sure that the template fits your cover. Some printers will automatically rescale things, so it's good to check.

Choose your paper design- this one was from some thank-you cards I got from Michaels. Awesome, right?

HINT: Cut the rectangle first, then use your template to curve the corners- it is WAY easier.

I didn't like the rectangle in the pattern, so I traced my own. I'm not an artist, so the below isn't pretty- but it did the job!!

For my second one, I had a patterned print. Be careful to take the time to line it up.

So, while I made one, I decided to make quite a few!

My husband loved this project, and made his own out of an old comic- would be a great gift for a teen-aged boy or 30 yr old man :)


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