Repurposed Sweatshirt into Toddler Jumper

This is my first foray into tutorials- so be gentle!

TIME: It took me 2 hours to make two, along with writing this down as I went and taking pics. So I estimate an hour per dress- perfect for naptime!

I had these two old LL Bean sweatshirts that never did look good on me, and I thought would be great for jumpers for Z, so I thought I'd go retro here and make some fab-colored jumpers.

Before you get started- make sure you have enough material! I wanted this to go over leggings, so my goal was 14inches- and I just barely made it!!

First, prepare your fabric [sweatshirt] and cut it so you can manage the pattern! I cut from armhole-to armhole on the sweatshirt so that I could measure out the rest more easily.

So I folded over my sweatshirt to make a fold and cut the following dimensions. Remember, my length was already at 14 inches? The neck line (top) is 9 inches, the bottom 14. So 14" X 9" X 14 inches. Leave your sweatshirt hem on the bottom- saves you tons of time, right?!

Note: Z is in 12 month clothes... if making for 2T, I'd add 2 inches to the top, 3 to the length, and 4 to the bottom...

Start Sewing!
Now sew two sides together [and remember to have right-sides facing eachother]. For good measure, zigzag up the seam.- Don't sew the 2nd side just yet.

Unfold and then hem the neckline (about 18inches long now). Fold over about 3/4 an inch and make a quarter inch seam... or whatever you want to do to hem, this isn't rocket science.

Once that is done, refold right-sides together, and sew up the side. Do a zig-zag down the side if you want to.

Turned inside-out, you now have the majority of the dress....

Cutting the straps.
For these Jumpers, I cut 2 strips of each fabric 7.5 inches long by 2 inches wide. Now, I have to admit something here- my sweatshirt had button holes, so I just cut my fabric to those button holes. BUT, I won't leave  you hanging- if you don't know how to do button-holes, check out The Purl Bee's tutorial.

Anyways- back to the straps. After cutting the strips, fold over 1/2 an inch on both sides and do a quarter inch seam (in other words, hem your straps)

Sewing on the straps
Pin the strap in place- I pinned mine so there is very little (1/4 inch) overage from the neckline hem. Line them up where you want them on the chest- just double check. Then turn the dress inside out (with the straps attached) and sew!

I think if I were to do this again, I would sew the straps on the outside, not inside, because the neckline rolls easily. Thus, you can see above I sewed on the straps by using a rectangle... but it can look a little sloppy- its' up to you.

Finishing up- Sewing on buttons
Try your dress on your model. Mark with chalk or pencil where you want the buttons to go and sew on! On my little model, it was 1 inch from the top of the dress.

And you're done!

On my Model


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