Summertime Romper Tutorial Review

 Oh lordy. The Summertime Romper and I were not friends. While I appreciate that Pick Up Some Creativity shared a pattern and took great pains in making a tutorial, I have to say- this project is for a more advanced sewer than I.

Time: 7 hours plus for me
Cost: 1 yard of fabric + elastic +snaps, about $15. (Note: while I believe its awesome to be able to pick my own fabric, after all the heart-ache, I would just buy a romper in the future).

Grade: B. Keep in mind, B's are still good! But I had to look up some of the terms... HOWEVER, loved that she included a pattern.

Lessons Learned:

#1- I HATE SNAPS. They can bite me. Truly. Forget the Dritz snapper tool- that sucks too. Ultimately, after much heart-ache, I just bought sew-on snaps, which work. They aren't pretty, but they work. Skip the snap tools and pretty, yet impossible to work, snaps and just go with the sew-on ones. Trust me.

#2- With tutorials, stick with just ONE version, and ONE fabric at a time. This tutorial confused me at times, because it was describing two different rompers, but sometimes it would be explaining a step for one, while using the other fabric. Ugh.

#3- Terms. Lockstitch- normal stitch (who knew?).


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