The Bali Break Tunic Review

So this morning I decided to make Z a blouse. I've been drooling over a pattern I saw in Sewing in No Mans' Land for The Bali Break Tunic: Little Girls Shirt Tutorial, and decided to give it a try!

Time: 3 hours
Grade: B+
Fabric Needed: 1 yard, if you're creative in cutting.

So, I hate to take points off a tutorial that included a pattern, because a pattern is a MAJOR plus. BUT, I was taking a chance, because the pattern did not have a size (after I finished, I would guess roughly 18months). Also, the pattern was hard to cut. One last negative, I get that the shrt was off-white, but it would be nice then if during her tutorial she took pics against something with color. But other than that, the blouse was worth it and came out wonderfully!

Lessons Learned

I didn't know what a Topstitch was... I found a good video here.
Same goes for a Gathering Stitch (ugh!). I found a good tutorial here.

When she says iron the sleeves before hemming- she isn't joking. And be careful not to burn yourself!


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