2 Minute Container Decor Tutorial

If you're a mom of a little one, you may have a lot of formula containers lying around. If you're a mom like me, you ALSO have a lot of material left over from projects. And since we always need more storage containers, why not combine the two for some eye-candy storage?

What you need:

Scrap Fabric
Spray Adhesive

Cost: Spray adhesive (cost me $8.11), everything else was lying around.
(NOTE: if you already have this, the cost is free!!!)

Ok. So. This is SUPER easy.

Measure your container and cut a rectangle of cloth to fit it. Mine was 5 inches wide and about 14 inches long (ish).

First- GO OUTSIDE. This stuff gets misty, and is difficult to get off countertops.

Spray just a strip of glue onto the container. Keep can about 8 inches away.

Put just a corner of the fabric on the strip of glue on the container. Line it up, then spray the container as you go. Tug gently at the fabric as you go, rotating the can and spraying so that you don't get wrinkles.

Make sure the ends overlap- simple spray a light mist at the end to make sure it sticks.

And seriously- you are done!

You could make this fancier by hemming the edges, but I just like the simplicity of this option for my craft shelves:


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