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Pooh and Eyeore Hoodies Tutorial

 Happy Halloween!!!!

So, after finding my little ones' wonderful, barely worn Tigger costume for $5 at a thrift sale, the rest of our family costumes had to match! But since we were not about to rake out the dough for adult Pooh and Eeyore costumes, it was time to figure out how to make our own. So off we go!

Let's start with Eeyore...


4 pieces of felt- 2 blue, 2 purple/pink- $3
Fake fur stip- $1
Sweatshirt- $12 (Amazon, after thought this would have been cheaper from Walmart, but eh!)
Fabric glue (had some lying around house)- probably $3 if you don't.
Interfacing- need fat quarters worth- $1
Total =$17

Felt for ears and tale

First, trace ears on felt

THEN, put ear over the pink, trace again!

Do it again (to make 2 ears)

Then, trace and iron on the interfacing to the blue
part of the ear to make the ears less flappy. 

Sew ears together. REMEMBER- you want to see the
stitches for the Eeyore costume

Next, use scraps from felt to make the tail.
Sew 2 rectangles together

Voila! Now turn inside out....

Use Fabri-tac to glue fur to bottom of the tail

Find the middle of the sweatshirt back.
Pin tail into place, sew!

Use Fabri Tac to glue the Fur to the hood.

Back to the Ears- Fold ears in hald and sew a tack
(see 2 cm dark blue in middle of ear)
This will make the FLOP

Pin the ears in place. SEW!!!

Pooh Hoodie

1 Piece of felt (.75)
Hoodie ($13)
Red T-shirt ($7)
Puff Paint ($2)
Total= $23

My husband- the sexiest Pooh out there!
Trace a circle on a piece of felt
Layer the felt 1 brown/ 1 yellow
I used Clorox wipes as my template

Cut the circles imperfectly- adding a little rectangle at
the bottom, in order to sew it on better
Sew around the ears, leave bottoms open

Stuff ears with scrap felt, OR cotton balls, or whatever
else is soft laying around

Cut 1/2 in straight lines in hoodie

So..... I forgot to take pictures of the LAST step!!! Put the ears in through the hole, and sew back up! Don't forget to pin into place. Because of the stuffing, the ears WILL stay up.

Oh yeah, and just use the puff paint to write Pooh on the Tshirt- you could have figured that one out :)


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