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Wagon Revamp

So I find myself truly BLESSED to have found an old, beaten up radio flyer wagon at a garage sale a few weeks back. Rusted and sad, the owner sold it to me for $5. I tried not to skip all the way home. But like I said, it was sad- rusty, chipped paint, etc. But all the hardware still looked awesome, so I had hope.

Wire Sander (0.96)
Spray paint primer- $3
Spray paint color- $3
Vinyl stickers $3
Total revamp costs? 9.96
 (I already had some spray paint "waterproofer," so that was free... it would cost about $3 though)

First, I sanded down all the rusty parts, which were mostly on the inside, with a wire sander thingy I found at Home Depot. Wish I knew the name, but alas. Its looks like a sponge on one side, and is sandy on the other.

Most of the screws were too rusted over, so I had to tape a lot. My husband was able to get the two side re-inforcements un-screwed, so that helped with a cleaner paint.

Then, I power-sprayed it with my waterhose outside on the highest set…