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Reupholstered Couch Tutorial

So I've been staring at my couch, hating the 7 years of stains from dog and baby, and woah-is-me-ing on be unable to afford a new couch.  But after many of my projects have turned out well, I finally decided I could do it myself!!

Crypton (Trademark) fabric*- 16 yards- ($10yard)= 160
Thread- 4 spools- $15
Velcro- one package- $8

Total= $183

Lets discuss this for a moment. New couch could be around 1700 dollars, so this is a deal! I looked into having someone else re-upholster the couch- $800. So, what a steal! How could I NOT try?  Additionally, a note on Crypton Fabric.... I really wanted it. But at about $40-$60 a yard, that wasn't going to happen. Off to ebay! Oh ebay, thank you for saving the day! I found this pre-treated, spill-resistant fabric for $10/ yard, saving a BUNDLE. Hallelujiah!

Here we go!

First, roll out fabric.
I don't think giving my measurements exactly will help you with YOUR couch, so instead of being precise, this tutorial is more of a HELP!…