Review: Doterras Bath Bomb Make n' Take recipe

Today I made homemade bathbombs using Doterras Bath Bomb Make n' Take recipe.

Soooooooo easy! Here are my notes:
1. Takes about 15 minutes total.
Hope my review helps! Seriously- give it a go!

     1b. If you don't know where to get citric acid- Wegmans, Whole Foods and Amazon have it!
2. Before you start, roll out some parchment paper- you will need it for the bombs to dry
3. If you are making "batches" in a mold- DONT double the recipe, make 2 different recipes. Once you put that witch hazel in, it gets hard fast. Mine got really hard about 2 minutes before I finished.
4. When putting in the molds, don't get sloppy- they really mold fast. Take a second to clean around the molds before you move to the next one. 
5. Did you know that the small baking soda orange boxes are 2 cups! They are! So don't measure it out or you will fill silly- dump that sucker in.
6. You can use ANY oil you want. I used Doterra's Serenity oils, as the bath bombs are for my kiddos, and an…

You Gotta Be Kidney Me Roller ball

So I love the book The Essential Life.  I also love oils, and wanted to help my husband, who is having an operation tomorrow on his kidney stone. So I came up with a rollerball that is truly simple;
25 drops Zendocrine
25 drops On Guard
Fill with Jojoba oil

My friend asked me how I figure out my rollerballs. It goes like this. I looked up Kidney Stones in the quick reference of the Essential Life book (page 53). It then gave a list of oils (eucalyptus, lemon, wintergreen, lemongrass, birch). I do not have any of those oils, other than lemon- (how could this be! I have so many). Not to worry, it sent me to the urinary reference section (p338-339). There, it listed a lot of suggestions for other oils, by ailment. Two things caught my eye:

Detoxification Blend (Zendocrine)- supports proper kidney function
Protective blend (On Guard)- promotes blood flow and elimination of waste.

Since he has a kidney stone- On Guard seemed perfect. Since hes in acute pain and diress, I made a pretty str…

Ants Be Gone Spray

For my first post on essential oils, I need to share a simple solution! Last night we suddenly had a swarm of ants out of no where (yay Spring in Mass!). I looked up the problem, and peppermint was suggested. This was a simple fix! 35 drops in a small sprayer bottle, mix with water and spray.

Worked like a charm. Magical, really.

Adults Only Anniversary WDW Itinerary

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in November, and... of course we decided to go to Walt Disney World!

While I have been as an adult without kids, my husband has not, and when I went before, it was with Disney Institute, so all my activities were planned for me. This time- I get to choose what we do, when we do it, and- here it goes. This is the plan.

This is a trip without kids, so in planning where to stay, I wanted an Epcot resort, as it would be awesome to walk to Epcot any time of day. I had stayed at the Boardwalk Villas before, and decided that would be best for our anniversary! AND I could buy it through renting DVC points (for more information, see my post here), and save a bundle. So done. (P.S. Did you know its a 5 minute walk to Epcot's BACK entrance- the international gateway?)

Beginning to plan:
Hubby only asked for two things: to eat at Sci-Fi Drive in, as well as the Biergarten.
I wanted a nicer place for our anniversary dinner
We both love Be Ou…

WDW Reservation Finder

You've gotten your reservations for WDW. You woke up early (or maybe not), and did your best, and... you're dissapointed.

...because you didn't get what you want.

Ugh!!!! But WDW is where your dreams come true, right? Sure! My favorite website- - has released a new tool called reservation finder.

1st things 1st- they say its free, but I can't figure out how to use it without logging into my pay account. Previous posts discuss why you should just pay to use the website and app in general, so I'll skip that here. What does reservation finder do?

It searches for reservations you want and TEXTS you! when they open up! AND IT WORKS.

Here's the catch- it only looks for 2 reservations at a time, and then alerts you (and anyone else who signed up for it) when the reservation is open. Then it stops searching.

So when you miss the text or don't log in to the WDW app fast enough.... you have to start over. A little frustrating, but all you do is clic…

DVC Rental Walk Through

Ok, friend. I told you there was a cheaper, better way to go to WDW, but it didn't seem true. So I just told you to go read this blog post. Its cool, we can do this together.

I love the Deluxe Resort Hotels at Disney World. If I am spending that much on a vacation, I want to stay somewhere nice! Somewhere super close to the parks! Somewhere that is so nice it makes me relax.

But I'm also super cheap. I refuse to pay retail on anything, and 75% of my wardrobe is consignment. How can I get my love of resort hotels to match my cheapskate being?

RENT Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Points.

Stay with me. This isn't scary.

There is a timeshare section of Walt Disney World. For those with a lot of mullah (or not scared to take on a lot of debt), they buy a timeshare at WDW.  Years ago I bought another timeshare somewhere else, and we won't go into it here, but.... don't do it. The math doesn't work.

But sometimes people that own through the Vacation Club don't go to WD…

WDW Week before Christmas

Having a daughter in Kindergarten has opened my family to a new thing; vacations dependent on the school calendar. Where as pre-kid life meant that my husband and I would avoid times that families travel, now we are one of THOSE families.

So we decided to attempt a "Disney PRO" feat: going to WDW the week before Christmas. For your reference, this is a "red" week at Disney World, and the 3rd busiest week of the year for them. We are talking CROWDS people. And while I love Disney, I hate crowds. Why even consider it then?

Because I love a challenge.

Word of warning: if you have never been to WDW, I'm just going to put this out there- I would not recommend having your first trip to WDW be a red week. Like Christmastime. Or July 4th, or Thanksgiving week. There are 48 other weeks to take a first trip, and you should do it.

But if you've been at least once, you can do this! All you need is a plan.

I of course, read and read my favorite blogs (see my Disney plan…