You Gotta Be Kidney Me Roller ball

You Gotta Be Kidney Me Recipe
So I love the book The Essential Life.  I also love oils, and wanted to help my husband, who is having an operation tomorrow on his kidney stone. So I came up with a rollerball that is truly simple;
25 drops Zendocrine
25 drops On Guard
Fill with Jojoba oil

My friend asked me how I figure out my rollerballs. It goes like this. I looked up Kidney Stones in the quick reference of the Essential Life book (page 53). It then gave a list of oils (eucalyptus, lemon, wintergreen, lemongrass, birch). I do not have any of those oils, other than lemon- (how could this be! I have so many). Not to worry, it sent me to the urinary reference section (p338-339). There, it listed a lot of suggestions for other oils, by ailment. Two things caught my eye:

Detoxification Blend (Zendocrine)- supports proper kidney function
Protective blend (On Guard)- promotes blood flow and elimination of waste.

Since he has a kidney stone- On Guard seemed perfect. Since hes in acute pain and diress, I made a pretty strong dose in the oil ball. I would not do this for general liver or kidney support, but he will only be using for about a week.

Hope this helps you. Any other suggestions?


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