Review: Doterras Bath Bomb Make n' Take recipe

Today I made homemade bathbombs using Doterras Bath Bomb Make n' Take recipe.
Pretty bath bombs- pic is of mine!

Soooooooo easy! Here are my notes:
1. Takes about 15 minutes total.
Hope my review helps! Seriously- give it a go!

     1b. If you don't know where to get citric acid- Wegmans, Whole Foods and Amazon have it!
2. Before you start, roll out some parchment paper- you will need it for the bombs to dry
3. If you are making "batches" in a mold- DONT double the recipe, make 2 different recipes. Once you put that witch hazel in, it gets hard fast. Mine got really hard about 2 minutes before I finished.
4. When putting in the molds, don't get sloppy- they really mold fast. Take a second to clean around the molds before you move to the next one. 
5. Did you know that the small baking soda orange boxes are 2 cups! They are! So don't measure it out or you will fill silly- dump that sucker in.
6. You can use ANY oil you want. I used Doterra's Serenity oils, as the bath bombs are for my kiddos, and anything that can help with the nighttime routine- I'll take it.
7. LAST WARNING: IF you use food coloring..... they clot for some reason. Like quickly and badly. Have a fork handy to mix it in well. On future ones I wonder if I should add the food coloring to the baking soda BEFORE the citric acid- if that works, let me know!


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