Wagon Revamp

So I find myself truly BLESSED to have found an old, beaten up radio flyer wagon at a garage sale a few weeks back. Rusted and sad, the owner sold it to me for $5. I tried not to skip all the way home. But like I said, it was sad- rusty, chipped paint, etc. But all the hardware still looked awesome, so I had hope.

Wire Sander (0.96)
Spray paint primer- $3
Spray paint color- $3
Vinyl stickers $3
Total revamp costs? 9.96
 (I already had some spray paint "waterproofer," so that was free... it would cost about $3 though)

First, I sanded down all the rusty parts, which were mostly on the inside, with a wire sander thingy I found at Home Depot. Wish I knew the name, but alas. Its looks like a sponge on one side, and is sandy on the other.

Most of the screws were too rusted over, so I had to tape a lot. My husband was able to get the two side re-inforcements un-screwed, so that helped with a cleaner paint.

Then, I power-sprayed it with my waterhose outside on the highest setting.  Then I let it airdry overnight.  Then I sprayed base spray paint. This was super-important, 1, because it protects the wagon even more against further rust, AND because I had a pretty bright color I wanted the end result to be.

After priming, I then let it dry about 2 hours. So the spray bottle says only a few minutes, but I call baloney on that. Although the pics don't show it, I reccomend 2 primer coats- that way your color will really POP. But then you have to be patient. So 2 layers, then wait 2 hours.

NOW is the fun part. Just spray paint your favorite color on! 2 coats. Light coats- don't over do it, or you will pay for it later.
 Look at that! Cute, no? Ok. So you think you're done? You are, if you don't want to add some bling. If you want to keep on going, then let this dry overnight. No skipping this step.

Next, add your vinyl stickers at will. Here's why vinyl. 1) It looks like paint, so that's cool. 2) it will last wayyyyy longer than a sticker. Don't use stickers- this won't work.

Once your stickers are added, get out the waterproofing spray paint. Now, here is where you HAVE to trust me. Lightly, EVER so LIGHTLY spray paint over the letters. Wait 10 minutes between each run. Do about 5 times.  If you do it too much, then it will drip and mess up all your pretty work, which happened on this project in one place. Have the patience- you are almost there!

Let it all dry, and voila- you are done!

Eazy Smeezy.


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