Composition Caddy Tutorial Review

So, I know it's only May, but I decided to get ahead on my Christmas presents. Yes, I know. But the last thing I want to do is craft under duress. So, a couple months back when I was making my list, I came across Splendorfalls' Composition Caddy Tutorial- and I knew it would be just the thing for my 2 nieces and nephew (ages 4 and 6). (So her parents should stop reading now)

Grade: A. Since Splendorfalls provided a PDF, I definitely have to give her two thumbs up.
Materials: 3 fat quarters (more on this below).
Cost: Roughly $8- $2 for the composition notebook, $2 per fat quarter (2+ 6 = 8)

Now, on the fat quarters- if you follow her measurements exactly, you will be a little off depending how you cut it. That is ok. Instead of her 11.5" measurements, I did 11"- and they came out fine. So go ahead and buy the designer fat quarters, and forgive yourself the yardage. (One might notice my addiction to Michael Miller prints).

More pics below:
Up Close and Personal- boy composition caddy
See how easy it is to switch notebooks?
These are basically just big pockets on the side
The stitches up the side are for crayons


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