Cloth Covered Notebook Tutorial

So I found some great deals on composition notebooks, and since I'm still making my way through some scrap material, I thought I'd make some fabric covered notebooks for work.

Time: 15 minutes (tops) each
Cost: $1.50 for each book, scrap material. In all fairness, I could make 3 with a fat quarter, so lets say $2.50 for the fabric for a total of $7 for 3.

Spray Adhesive
Mod Podge
Card stock

First, I put the notebooks over the fabric to cut- kind of like wrapping a present.

Then, I cut with roughly 1" to spare around the notebooks

Once cut, I re-measured with the notebooks open, cutting scrap.

Then I cut slashes at the binding....

Then, I took my FAVORITE spray adhesive (3M) and sprayed the covers- OUTSIDE. Then I carefully wrapped the fabric around just the cover, letting the fabric hang over.

After that dried after about a minute, I put some Mod Podge on the inside covers, and folded the fabric over.

I wrapped it like a present...

Once done, I took card stock and cut smaller rectangles. Once again OUTSIDE, I sprayed the 3M adhesive to the backs and put the cardboard over the fabric edges on the inside, the notebooks would look nice.

For an extra touch, I took some of my labels that I got at Paper Source (these are simple mailing labels you can print on, and I love them and always have some on hand), and printed some names on the labels. Well, since the labels won't stick to the fabric, I carefully modpodged around the labels to keep them glued to the fabric.

And done!


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