Mod Podge- a Love is Born

Being a beginner in the art of crafting, I keep on coming across different posts that would require an ingredient I did not have at home- Mod Podge. I didn't know what it was, and basically felt no need to go and get any until my current list of craft projects was complete.

But then I did. I bought some.

And I'm in love!

It's pretty cool. Remember my earlier post on how to decorate a container? Well, I was making some more this morning, and decided to see what covering the cloth in mod podge would do to my finished result...

And looky! Shiny! I don't think the photograph does it justice- the cans look as if the fabric were painted on.
I'm in love.

So then I went on to make my mousepads! Post to come momentarily.

Lesson? If you've been thinking of giving mod podge a go, its time.


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