Fairy Garden Tutorial

I love many of the fairy gardens I've seen. So, after a recent trip to the dollar store, I decided to make my very own to update my backyard and hide my poor green thumb when it comes to hanging baskets.

Note- I only used 1 bag each of the stones and gems
Time: 45 minutes
Cost Break Down for 5 Fairy Gardens
Houses- $1 each (dollar store!!)
Paint- $3/ per sampler (home depot so I could choose my own)- X 4= $12
Stones- $1 (dollar store)
Blue Gems- $1 (I'm telling you- dollar store!!)
Pinwheels- $1 for 3 (dollar store)
Flowers- around $3 each, X4= $12

Total= $32 for 5 mini gardens- roughly $6 a piece.


Planter before (boring)

Garden Before (ugh)
 Ok. So now that we've witnessed my ugliness of the before, let's get down to business.

1. Paint your house.
Paint your houses to your hearts content. Or leave them alone and let the elements weather them. But the fun of that part is just coloring them as you will.

2. Split your flowers. You aren't going to fill up your pots, so you have room to decorate. By splitting the flowers you have, you a) make them into a straight-line, and b) save money by not having to by multiples from the smaller flowers at home depot. Just be gentle and split roughly in half. Below I used red Salvia.

 2. Pot the plants close to the edge.

3. If you have a larger planter, you can also use splitting to make a straight-ish line with a potted plant that was formerly a bunch...
4. Decorate!

I used the stones to keep everything level. The gems I used to represent water. Cute, no?

With the 5th house, I decorate a planter-
I have no idea what is growing in it.


  1. I love this idea. I also love the price, Fairy Gardens can be so expensive to make. Thanks for coming with aaffordable way to make these beauties. I love your blog!


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